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Women's Leadership Workshop with Jess Bealer

Jan 30, 2019

Just because I want to run a half marathon doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. There has to be a plan, some intentional effort on my part that will lead to this outcome. In this week’s episode, we talk about how to better support our goals so that we can see them accomplished.

Jan 23, 2019

Most leaders would agree, it’s our responsibility to invest in and develop others. The how is what most often eludes us. In today’s episode, we discuss three changes you can make to create better buy-in so that your influence is amplified and you can impact those you lead like never before.

Jan 16, 2019

Almost every problem we face can be traced back to inefficient communication. On the flip side, effective communication can relieve tension and remove obstacles. In this week’s episode, I share three tips to help you communicate better.

Jan 9, 2019

We all have dreams, goals and aspirations for the coming year, but oftentimes we allow Satan to sink our ship before it’s even made it out of the harbor. In this episode, we discuss a plan to combat the lies of the enemy and see our resolutions realized

Jan 3, 2019

Today’s episode is the most downloaded podcast of this season. I’ve often found that God’s plans supersede my own in astonishing ways and if I want to see the supernatural in my life, I must surrender my own agenda.